Invisible Children's "Hometown Shakedown"

Yesterday, a bunch of us gathered in front of Senator Inouye's office to have our voices heard! Senator Inouye is the most influential person in the senate when it comes to how money is spent. Invisible Children wants to help rebuild the destroyed communities of East Africa and in order to do that, they need money. With that said, they need Senator Inouye's support to help fund this mission.

Thank you to everyone who came out to lend their voices! More pics on our Facebook!

But what was the purpose of this march? For far too long, Joseph Kony (leader of the LRA) has tortured and damaged the lives of the people of Northern Uganda. He needs to be apprehended, and his war needs to end. But without your help, this is not possible. The LRA Disarmament Bill goes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee next week. 158 Members of Congress have already co-sponsored this bill and 154,780 people have already petitioned to the arrest of Joseph Kony. Invisible Children need 250,000 petitions to bring to President Obama in December. Click here to sign the petition.

Learn more about Invisible Children and how you can help end the longest running war in Africa:
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