Website Re-launch

Enjoy the new look people!!

Our "Peace, Hope, Love, REVO" shirts are almost OUT OF STOCK! We currently have about 1 or 2 left of each size. Get them quick before they're gone! We'll be working on new designs soon so stay tuned for that :) And as always, if you wear a REVO shirt to our shows, you'll get discounted on the cover fees!! So make sure you purchase shirt:

And also, the First Lady official launch event was sooooo fun!!! We had such a great time! Thank you so much FLTM for having us be a part of your launch! So happy for your success!

L-R: Jacie, Cristalyne, Janel, Janice and Jaymi (missing: Jenevie)

Btw, aren't you just LOVING this PERFECT, Hawaii fall weather??
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