Island Adventure

Cristalyne and I went on a little adventure yesterday. We started in Waipahu and LITERALLY went around the WHOLE ISLAND of Oahu. Ok well, not literally. We skipped town and Waianae side but still...we pretty much went all over :) The weather was perfect. PERFECT. HAWAI'I. WEATHER.

First stop, Cinnamon's in Kailua! Yummmmmmmmies!

Break time before lunch: a little collectibles shop in Kahuku.
They had some pretty interesting stuff in there plus a little friend we found just snoozin away in a corner ♥

Next stop, Giovanni's Shrimp Truck! This made my mouth and tummy happy...very happy.

We took a scenic drive into North Shore and lastly, Dole Plantation. What's an around-the-island adventure without some legit pineapple ice cream?!! So nostalgic. And so damn good if you haven't eaten it in awhile. 

Ended the day in Kapolei to chill with our good friend, Audrey, before heading back home to Waipahu. We busted out a map to see where we went - we suck at geography. Don't ask us for directions or what highway to take or what street we're on. We have no clue :) But seeing this all laid out was pretty trippy.

I've lived on Oahu my entire life and when you're so used to something, you tend to forget how beautiful certain things are. I get so caught up in my daily life that I take for granted the fact that I live in HAWAI'I; the one place thousands of people escape to each year...I live here. It's definitely a blessing. And it's days like this that makes the reminder so much sweeter.

Long live aloha.
- Janice

I'll leave you with a song that was stuck in my head the whole day yesterday :)

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