BTS - Songs of The Children

Songs of the Children
By Robert "Brother Bob" Dunham (founder)

U.S.VETS/BARBERS POINT veterans enjoying, "A Night to Remember"

Songs of the Children's mission is to help the young, old, homeless and veterans. The testimonial book, "I Love You, But" by Brother Bob, shares stories of how I became healed and delivered, by the Grace of God, of alcoholism & 13 years homelessness. I am a Viet Nam Veteran from a family of 12 and sober for 17 years. Professionally, I have been a resident/site manager and paint contractor. The purpose of this book is to inspire and give hope to those who are struggling with addiction, depression and homelessness.

Senator Mike Gabbard and Robert Dunham
"Songs of the Children" (SOTC) began by opening a temporary transitional woman's shelter (Hosanna's House) and a veteran's half way house in Kona. My personal mission is to minister to as many homeless individuals and families as possible in the Hawaiian Islands. Recently on Oahu, I have also been involved in a Christmas Homeless Outreach and "Reunite a Family" program. We bought airline tickets for homeless individuals and families to return to the mainland to start new lives. Councilman Tom Berg and Senator Mike Gabbard have supported my efforts to help our homeless veterans.

Currently, SOTC shows weekend inspirational movies at a veteran shelters in Barbers Point and on the Waianae Coast called, "A Night to Remember," which is designed to give hope and healing to those who are hurting. Local businesses such as Home Depot, Target, Walmart (giving gift cards) and our local church "Christian Family Church" have been actively involved in our purpose to encourage our homeless population.

Future plans are to continue expanding and reaching as many people as possible in the shelters and those who are in the parks, streets, and needing immediate attention. This could be possible by establishing a designated safe location called, "I'm Listening," where the weary could come and go, receive showers and clean clothes, have coffee and receive genuine encouragement while job hunting and preparing for that important interview..."I Love You, But...I could never love you as much as HE does." - Matthew 25:44, 45


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