BTS - Music for Life Foundation

Music for Life Foundation 
By Leo Daquioag (founder)

Derick Sebastian, Brittni Paiva, and Kalei Gamiao at Waimea High School on Kaua'i.

Founded in the Fall of 2010 by Leo Daquioag, Music For Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization, was formed as a grassroots effort to bring attention to and provide for the need of music and art programs in Hawaii's school.

While many schools address and resolve their financial troubles by eliminating music and arts programs, Music For Life Foundation and its all-volunteer Board of Directors and staff intend to assist these programs with donations of money, musical instruments and equipment; thereby allowing all children the opportunities to experience the joy and life-rewarding benefits of music and art.

Music For Life Foundation also envisions world and local communities that recognize and build on the musical and artistic strengths and talents of each individual to create an environment that encourages and supports the life options and careers of music and art and, in the process, also bridges world communities and fosters world peace.

Kalei Gamiao at Pūnana Leo o Kaua'i on Kaua'i.

Furthermore, through special events, music programs and fundraising activities, Music For Life Foundation inspires people to value and discover music and the arts as a resource to strengthen the educational and social vitality of communities, organizations and individuals.

Music For Life produces, organizes and coordinates concerts, fundraising activities, community events that help to enliven, enhance, encourage and enrich lives through the power and universal language and appeal of music. Our projects, events and programs also aim to particularly assist impoverished and underserved communities, families and individuals.


1-800-538-0643 (toll free)

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