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IZRI Supply Co
JR Matsumura (founder/owner)

IZRI was created out of inspiration from a pair of $5 sunglasses I bought on a surf trip to Bali Indonesia in 2009. When I got back to Hawaii, I started experimenting and working with different types of sunglasses I had laying around. And after much work with different manufacturers, I finally launched IZRI's first online store In January of 2012.

I've always wanted to incorporate giving into my business structure and after a lot of research, I contacted Unite for Sight (a non-profit dedicated to the cause of helping people in impoverished countries regain and restore sight).

They were very open to working with me and now for every pair of wooden sunglasses I sell, I donate 5 pairs of 100% UV protection sunglasses to Unite for Sight. It is super exciting to know that my sunglasses are helping to protect people's eyes from ocular diseases which are so prevalent in so many areas of the world. So far, I have sent boxes of sunglasses to the people of Honduras and Ghana.

As a Christian, I believe that acting in faith is more important than just thinking in faith. I believe that ideas will always stay ideas if they are not somehow put into action. God is the leading cause of my company and He is the one who inspires me to give and to create fun things for others to enjoy. Therefore, my future goals are to continue to protect people eyes from developing ocular diseases by donating to Unite for Sight and I have also been having thoughts of paying for cataract surgeries through Unite for Sight.

As for creating new products, I have a Spring / Summer 2013 Product Drop I am super excited about. This drop will include a full line of 5 Panel hats made with fabrics that were lovingly hand picked by me and also the possibility of some Cut and Sew Tees and a re-stock of the CLASSIC sunglasses that were taken off the site when the wood sunglasses came into the picture.


Instagram: @izrisupplyco

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