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Know God Know Love
Joshua De Gracia (CEO/founder)

A sold out crowd at KGKL's second faith based relationship conference "Crazy, Stupid, Love?"
held at the Honolulu Design Center in May 2012.

Know God Know Love started as a devotional tool for my friends that first appeared of my personal daily message board on "Myspace" back in 2008. Four years later, that little step of faith led our team to reaching over 1.2 million people worldwide. KGKL is a ministry that focuses on expanding God's love and Word to the world through social media, faith based conferences and Christian apparel inspired by Biblical principles.

My team consist of people that uses the gifts that God blessed them with (writing/graphics/media/photography, etc.) to further God's Kingdom and spread more Jesus to the world and the hearts of individuals of those in hurt. On our blog, we write about different themes from dating/relationships (Lust at First Sight" to what it takes to be prepared with the armor of God (Call of Duty). in 2010 while working with my friend Jessica Hoffman and her organization, God put it on my heart to do relationship conferences. So far we've had one conference a year and many have come and been healed of past hurts and received a fresh look at what the Bible says about dating and relationships.

The next big steps of faith for our ministry include holding a both at the HIM (Hawaii International Ministries) Conference in March and fundraising to make KGKL a non-profit organization. At the conference, we are releasing our women's line of clothing and also be selling other KGKL shirts, wristbands and stickers. Once we reach non-profit status, our hope is to expand our ministry to the United States and foreign countries across the world. In what ways? You'll have to stay tuned to find out. We don't know what exactly the future holds for us, but we do know Who holds our future. If you're interested in becoming part of our team, please feel free to contact us.


Instagram: @knowGodknowlove

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