The future of REVO Oahu

Hey there, Janice here. I'm always asked, "So when's the next REVO show?" or "Any new shirt designs coming up?" There is no doubt that REVO Oahu means so much to me. For the past 5 years, I've invested so much of my time, my money and my entire self into it. And although I've personally never gained anything financially from it, I do it simply for the love of spreading positivity and to encourage my generation and the ones to come, that there is a far greater purpose to serve in life. So with that said, you have no idea how heartbreaking it is to hear those questions and know deep down inside, that my answer is, "I don't know." 

Whether you've noticed it or not, REVO Oahu has not been as active as we used to be for the past year. There are reasons for this and I'm writing this blog to share those reasons with you and where REVO Oahu stands at the moment. I've decided to do this in the traditional Q&A style so that it covers the most commonly asked questions. 

Thanks for reading. And I hope you continue to support us in the future.

This blog was very difficult for me to write. Things will get a bit personal.

1) So when's the next REVO Oahu event?
Not anytime soon. To summarize my reasoning, I'll just cut to it: At the end of January this year, my mother passed away. It has been such a struggle to live each day without her, and even as I type this, I still cannot come to grasp that she is, in fact, really gone.

We host a benefit show every year and I had big plans for REVO in 2014, but after losing my mother, I knew I wouldn't have any energy to invest into REVO. So I made a decision that in the 5 years we've been active, 2014 would be the first year we would not host any events or work on any projects. I wanted a break, a time to cope with my loss. But I also needed something that could help me pass the time and I figured REVO was the best thing that could help me do that. I started planning new ideas for events and merchandise but then, as if losing my mother wasn't enough, life threw another hit at me. Last month in August, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Thyroid Cancer. I cannot even begin to describe how draining this year has been emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually…it has stripped away so much of me. To lose your mother and to have your father be diagnosed with Cancer within the same year is something so difficult for me to comprehend...but I'm trying my best to be positive. I've been dedicating my every day to being there for my dad so I can take him to all of his doctor appointments and to help carry his burdens as he fights this battle. So when's the next event? Who knows.

2) So what does this mean for REVO Oahu? Is it over?
Never. I am so invested in what we've created that letting this go would literally mean giving up on one of my longest dreams. I am fully invested and when life finally throws me a break, you can count on it that REVO will be back on track. 

3) Is there anything we can expect from REVO Oahu for now?
In my spare time, I'm still actively thinking up new things for our brand. We'd like to focus more on the business aspect of REVO so that we can create more merchandise that will help financially sustain all of our projects. Janel and I have been brainstorming like crazy on new ideas so hopefully we get to share those with you in the months to come. When it comes to social media, we are most active on Instagram so if you would like to stay updated, that would be the best place to do so.

4) Are you still selling any merchandise?
Yes. Our online store is still open but will be closed occasionally for incidents where I will not have the time to package and ship orders. So if you randomly see that our store is down, it is safe to say that I've gone completely bonkers :)

I hope this helps answer your questions. Thank you for all of your support throughout the years and we are forever grateful for those of you who continue to stand by us today.

♥ Janice
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