Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month: Final Week

We've come to the end of the September, which also brings an end to thyroid cancer awareness month for 2016. We hope that you were able to learn a lot from what we've shared with you and most importantly, that it helped and inspired those who've personally experienced this disease. Thank you to everyone who shared our posts and took part in our fundraiser for ThyCa!

September 26 - Motivational Mondays: 
Ever wondered why cancer patients are called "warriors"? This is why. For many battling cancer right now, so much as just turning their head to look at a loved one takes all the strength they have. They're called warriors because they're armored with the courage and bravery to keep fighting till their last breath. They are strong. They are hopeful. They are heroes.
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September 29 - Thyroid Thursdays Post #1: 
The number of cases has increased over the years due to early detection. Cancer is just one of those things where you can only do so much in lessening your chances of developing it. The best thing you can do for yourself, and your loved ones, is to be aware of the changes in your body.

Thyroid Thursdays Post #2: 
We've learned that risk factors for developing thyroid cancer include family history of thyroid cancer and diseases, radiation exposure, goiters, and the female gender. But among Hawaii thyroid cancer patients, majority have been linked to the Asian race. The state of Hawaii consists of mostly Asian ethnicities at about 38% of the total population. You've learned the symptoms in our past posts, so please be aware and never ignore any warning signs. #CheckYourNeck

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