Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month: Week 3

Join us every week this month as we post facts, stories and words of inspiration via our social media accounts for Motivational Mondays, Thyroid Thursdays, and Survivor Saturdays, all to help raise awareness for thyroid cancer and support for ThyCa.

September 12 - Motivational Mondays: 
Our trials are what teaches us the true value of taking things one day at a time. You're given just enough strength to get through today. And today, for now, is all that matters. 
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September 15 - Thyroid Thursdays: 
There's no exact cause for thyroid cancer but certain things
do put you at a higher risk of developing this disease.

September 17 - Survivor Saturdays: 
A doctor's response to the phrase, "thyroid cancer is the good cancer", that many other health professionals unfortunately tell their patients. It is very crucial that you find a healthcare provider that is not only well experienced in treating your condition, but one that is compassionate and truly cares about your overall well-being. Don't settle.

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