Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month: Week 4

Join us every week this month as we post facts, stories and words of inspiration via our social media accounts for Motivational Mondays, Thyroid Thursdays, and Survivor Saturdays, all to help raise awareness for thyroid cancer and support for ThyCa.

September 19 - Motivational Mondays: 
Every day that you wake up, is a reminder of your strength. You were able to conquer yesterday's trials and that same strength will help you get through today's.
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September 22 - Thyroid Thursdays: 
Although thyroid cancer has the highest survival rate and is more treatable compared to other cancers, there are also rare and aggressive forms of thyroid cancer that are resistant to standard treatment methods which makes it more difficult to treat. For these cases, chemotherapy drugs are prescribed which brings along endless side effects that alter a patient's life completely.  Early detection is key to making sure thyroid cancer cells don't spread anywhere beyond the thyroid gland.

September 24 - Survivor Saturdays Post #1: 
"I refused to accept that this cancer was going to stop my future and my daughter’s."

Jennifer's full story: "I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the summer of 2010. I was living in Las Vegas and just went in for my yearly check up. My blood work came back with not so appealing results so my doctor decided to run more tests. She noticed that I was gaining weight and complained of hot flashes in my last few visits. She decided to check my thyroid levels specifically which indicated something was indeed going wrong. Within 2 months, I had an ultrasound showing 7 growths on my thyroid. Biopsies showed that there were indeed cancer cells.

I was an active 31 year old single mom training for triathlons and enjoyed watching my 2 year old grow. When the doctors explained treatment options to me, I was scared and worried about my daughter’s future. I refused to accept that this cancer was going to stop my future and my daughter’s. I opted to get surgery as soon as they could schedule it.

I had my thyroid removed along with all the growths and hoped that everything could be removed with surgery. I chose to believe that I would come out of surgery ready to move on in my training, although the weeks leading up to surgery were trying. I became sick often and sometimes had to leave work early because I would be getting fevers or I just would not feel well. I was tired all the time but I did believe that after surgery, everything would be taken out and I would be well. I was lucky that the cancer never spread further than my thyroid. They were able to remove all of the cells in one surgery with very limited recovery time. I have been cancer free since then.

I emphasize yearly check ups and a healthy lifestyle to everyone because I believe that is what saved me from fighting this disease longer."

September 24 - Survivor Saturdays Post #2: 
"My hope is that everyone asks their doctor to check their neck
and trust their intuition about their body."

Erins's full story: "My name is Erin, wife to an amazing and always supportive husband, mom to three awesome boys, and a 2nd year survivor of Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

It was during a routine visit to my doctor to get my vaccinations that I asked her to check my thyroid because it wasn't checked at my previous visit. My doctor felt a nodule and told me to get an ultrasound right away. At this point, I really didn't know much about a Thyroid, nor how important it was!

I was diagnosed with stage 3, Papillary Thyroid Cancer in 2013. I was scared, as most people are, but I was active on the forums and the ThyCa community gave me so much hope and support! Soon after the diagnosis, I had my thyroid removed (by my choice) and had radiation therapy to make double sure the cancer would be gone. In 2014, my doctor called to tell me that the cancer was "undetectable" or gone!

During this month of Thyroid Cancer Awareness, my hope is that everyone asks their doctor to check their neck and trust their intuition about their body. If you have questions about thyroid cancer, is the best resource for information and support."
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