Beyond The Show

Our goal is to host at least 1 benefit event each year for a designated non-profit, but often times, we receive emails from other organizations asking for our help in planning an event for them as well. As much as we wish we could say yes to each one, it's simply not a realistic task. Putting together a single event takes a lot of time to plan and our team of volunteers sacrifice a lot of their personal schedules to make these events happen. Although multiple shows a year is more than what we can take on, we've come up with an alternative: Beyond The Show.

This online feature allows us to help more local non-profit organizations each year, as well as local businesses who give back to our communities and continue to inspire us. Through our social networking efforts, we will help bring awareness to more causes and hopefully increase their support growth. There are countless amounts of groups on this island doing amazing things each day to better our community. We ask for your support, not only at our shows, but beyond them as well. Recent
Know God Know Love
Joshua De Gracia (CEO/Founder)
March 2013

Know God Know Love started as a devotional tool for my friends that first appeared of my personal daily message board on "Myspace" back in 2008. Four years later, that little step of faith led our team to reaching over 1.2 million people worldwide. KGKL is a ministry that focuses on expanding God's love and Word to the world through social media, faith based conferences and Christian apparel inspired by Biblical principles. (read more)

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